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Is there a sickness exclusion on a life insurance policy, and what are some ways to challenge it?
Yes, a sickness exclusion is a common provision in life insurance policies, which means that if the policyholder dies as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, the death benefit may not be paid out. Sickness exclusions can vary widely between policies, but they generally exclude coverage for deaths resulting from a medical condition that the policyholder had before purchasing the policy.

If a life insurance policy has a sickness exclusion, there are several ways to challenge it:

  1. Obtain medical records: If the policyholder's medical records show that they were misdiagnosed or that their condition was not properly treated, it may be possible to challenge the sickness exclusion. The policyholder or their beneficiaries can request their medical records from their healthcare providers and use them to demonstrate that the sickness exclusion should not apply.

  2. Contest the exclusion: The policyholder or their beneficiaries may be able to contest the sickness exclusion if they can show that the insurance company failed to disclose the exclusion or that the policyholder was misled about the scope of coverage. In some cases, a court may find the exclusion to be ambiguous or unenforceable.

  3. Seek legal assistance: If the insurance company denies a claim based on a sickness exclusion, it may be necessary to seek legal assistance to challenge the decision. An attorney who specializes in insurance law can help determine the best course of action and assist with filing a lawsuit, if necessary.

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