Denied SGLI Claim Lawyer

SGLI is group life insurance for service members. SGLI coverage was established to provide low cost life insurance to active duty members of the military. The SGLI program is subsidized by the Federal Government to make the premiums affordable to service members and currently provides up to $400,000 in coverage, through payroll deductions.

If your SGLI claim has been denied, you need a top life insurance lawyer to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

SGLI is similar to term life insurance coverage that civilians purchase from life insurance companies through insurance agents or with their employers. SGLI is different, however, from regular life insurance in that it does not have many exclusions. There are no questions in the application and the coverage is guaranteed instantly. Most private life insurance policies do not pay a claim if the insured is killed in a war zone. SGLI has no exclusion similar to the war clause. The government may deny an SGLI claim based on the status of the insured at the time of death. If your SGLI claim has been denied, call us now for a free consultation.

SGLI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first question you should ask a potential SGLI lawyer?

You need to ask how many years they have been practicing. You need an SGLI lawyer with at least 15 years experience. Many young inexperienced lawyers are trying to handle these complex claims, and they are doing more harm than good. Their denied clients end up coming to us to fix the situation, and get them the money to which they are entitled.

Will a divorce decree be valid with an SGLI claim?

The beneficiary designation controls, as Federal law trumps state law. However, if there is alimony from a divorce decree, our lawyers can argue that there is a constructive trust to prevent unjust enrichment.

If there is no beneficiary designated in an SGLI policy, who gets the benefits?

The money will be paid out according to SGLIA which stands for the Servicemember's Group Life Insurance Act. Give us a call, and we can explain to you whether you have a claim to the SGLI money.

My SGLI claim is delayed due to a dispute among beneficiaries. Who can help me?

Nobody understands SGLI claims better than us. We will fight to get you the money to which you are entitled.

Do I automatically get the SGLI benefits if I am the surviving wife or husband?

You will get the money if you are the beneficiary, but give us a call, as there may a claim we can asset to get you the money.

If my husband or wife changed the beneficiary to my SGLI policy, is it required that I be notified?

You are required to be notified, and you should call us so we can pursue the money you are due.

My husband or wife died, and my SGLI claim was denied. My state revokes automatically a former husband or wife as the beneficiary due to a divorce. Do I get the money?

Our SGLI lawyers will investigate, and we have been successful both ways. Give us a call so we can explain it to you.

I live in a community property state, and my husband or wife changed the beneficiary. Can I get half the money?

We would need to investigate whether it would be possible to get you the money, and we have countless legal briefs on the subject.

My husband or wife changed the beneficiary despite a divorce decree to the contrary. Do I get the money?

Our SGLI attorneys would need to investigate the specifics.

Can a SGLI policy be cancelled?

If there was a conviction, it is possible, but we can investigate fighting it.

Can I get SGLI benefits if there was negligence or contributory negligence on my husband or wife's part, such as in an auto crash?

We can get you your SGLI benefits despite negligence or contributory negligence.

If my spouse was killed wearing unapproved body armor or helmet, can I still get the money?

Unapproved body armor won't void your policy.

Can my SGLI claim be denied because my husband or wife was AWOL?

We can dispute whether he or she was truly AWOL.

My SGLI claim was denied because they said there was no coverage at the time of death, can I get my money?

We have been successful arguing that the policy was in full force at the time of death. This is a tricky area, but we have been successful 100% of the time with our arguments.

SGLV form 8286 is the form which elects amount of coverage on an SGLI policy, as well as designating the beneficiaries, but my SGLI claim was denied because they said the change of beneficiary was not accepted by my husband or wife's unit, so what can I do?

No law firm is better at resolving SGLI beneficiary disputes, and we have years of experience in handling these interpleader cases.

My SGLI claim was delayed, and I am wondering if I can get help?

Our SGLI lawyers handle delayed SGLI claims every week. We know the people, and we can get these claims paid out with lightning speed.

We have handled many denied SGLI claims based on the insured's status at the time of death. Disputes also occasionally arise regarding the proper beneficiary of an SGLI policy. Our law firm has recovered SGLI benefits 100% of the time. We have always recovered the full policy amount.

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