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We assist clients with legal matters involving both delayed life insurance claims, denied life insurance insurance claims, as well as life insurance beneficiary disputes, and life insurance interpleader lawsuits. Our life insurance lawyers have resolved many: denied AD&D accidental death and dismemberment claims; denied FEGLI claims; denied SGLI claims; denied VGLI claims; and more. We will fight any denial based upon: an alcohol exclusion; a suicide exclusion; a felony exclusion; a dangerous activity exclusion; and an alleged misrepresentation on the application. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. We can sign you up now over the phone now, and start working on your case today.

Our life insurance lawyers handle all life insurance claim appeals. We help resolve all ERISA life insurance claim denials from life insurance policies through work. These may consist of a portability issue when the employer fails to notify employee upon termination of employment. Life insurance claims that are denied due to divorce, whether from an automatic revocation statute, divorce court orders or any change of beneficiary or dispute, we can help. Accelerated death benefit life insurance claim denials are handled as well. The consultation is free, so call us today or send us a detailed contact form to save us time.

Claims Paid in 2020
(most with interest)

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Hartford: Alleged Misrepresentation


Liberty Mutual: Claim of Fraud


Prudential: Interpleader Beneficiaries


Protective: Alcohol Exclusion


Symetra: 4 denied polices


American Family: Payment Refused


The Hartford: Mistake on Application


Stonebridge Life: 3 Policies Denied


New York Life: 4-Denied Claims


Gerber: Payment Refused


Mass Mutual: Bad Faith Refusal to Pay


Guardian: Motorcycle Racing Refusal


Massachusetts Mutual: Sickness


Connecticut Mutual Life (Lapse Now)


American General: 7-Month Delay


Mutual of Omaha: Denied AD&D


MetLife: Payment Refused


HSBC: Laundry List of Reasons


New York Life: AD&D Claim Denied


AFLAC: AD&D policy denied


ING: 2 Year Contestability Period


MetLife Accidental Death Issue


ING: Payment Refused on Contract


Unum: Alcohol Refusal to Pay


EMC: Payment Refused on Policy


Allstate: Delay to Beneficiary


Felony Exclusion: Slip and Fall


AIG: Autoerotic Asphyxiation Nonpayment


Farmers: Bad Faith Refusal


Chase: Prescription Drug Refusal


Torchmark: Delayed Policy


VGLI: Beneficiary Dispute


SGLI: Would Not Honor Contract


VGLI: Ineligibility Cited


Family: Alleged Misrepresentation


VGLI: Denial to Beneficiary


Prudential SGLI: Denied Claim


John Hancock: Accidental Death


US Financial: Self-inflicted Injury


Greater Georgia Life: Lapse


Pacific Life: Date of Birth Wrong


Northwestern Mutual: AD&D Denial


Indiana Farm Bureau: Suicide


AFLAC: Would Not Honor Policy


American Income Life: Bad Faith


John Hancock: Denial of Appeal


Foremost Insurance: Self-inflicted injury


Colonial Life: Prescription Drugs


Unum: Multiple Reasons


UnumProvident: Divorce Decree


WellPoint: Suicide, Wouldn't Pay


Great American: Accidental Death


Transamerica: Misrepresentation


American Amicable: Exclusion


Metropolitan Life: Accidental Death


Globe: Beneficiary Refusal


Companion: Company Wouldn't Pay


Farm: Allegation of Fraud


Nationwide: Fraud Allegation


Pyramid: Self-Inflicted Injury Nonpayment


Metropolitan: Refused to Pay Beneficiary


SGLI: Beneficiary Dispute


Unum: Dangerous Activity Nonpayment


Assurity: Bad Faith Denial of Money


VGLI: Problem with Application


ACNewman & Co: Felony Exclusion


New York Life: 6-Month Delay


ING: Two Exclusions Claimed


Midland National: Heart Failure


J.C. Penny (Stonebridge) 8-Month Delay


Genworth: Car Accident Drugs


Bankers Life: Heart disease not stated


CUNA: BAC level stated high


Northwestern Mutual: Accidental Death


State Farm: Misrepresentation Age


William Penn: Delayed Policy


Colonial: Misrepresentation Alleged


American Income: Fraud Alleged


Principal Financial: Fraud Alleged


Sun National: Fatal Accident


Mutual of America: Fraud Allegation


Nationwide: Payment Refused


Foresters: Gunshot wound


Cigna: Policy Exclusion Cited


Globe: Rock Climbing Exclusion


United of Omaha: Kidney Disease


Farmers: Refusal of Payment


American General (AIG): Bad Faith


RBC: Omission on Application


Conseco: Claimed Needed More Docs


Monumental: Delayed Policy


SGLI: Disputed Beneficiaries


Equitable: Refusal to Pay


AXA Equitable: Dispute Beneficiaries


Mutual of Omaha: Fraud Allegation


Liberty National: Beneficiary Dispute


Banner: Interpleader Case


Standard: Denied Life Insurance Claim


Empire General: Denial of Appeal


State Farm Life: Beneficiary Fight


State Farm: Bad Faith Denial of Policy


Primerica Life: Denied Insurance Claim


Mass Mutual: Denied Policy


Lincoln Heritage Life: Cancer not disclosed


StanCorp Financial: Policy Changed


Amalgamated Life: No reason


Citizen's Life: Not a good reason


Frankenmuth: Multiple Reasons


Security: Mistake on Application


State Farm: Divorce


Northwestern Mutual: Denial of Contract


West Coast: Refusal to Beneficiary


Aviva Life: Contract Exclusion


Lincoln Benefit: Denied Policy


Mid-West: Denial to Beneficiary


Erie Insurance: Said that it lapsed


AETNA: Refusal to Pay Beneficiary


AIG: Preexisting Condition Denial


Allstate: Refusal to Honor Policy


Standard: Aviation Exclusion


Mass Mutual: Alleged Misrepresentation


TSGLI: Loss Not Result of Injury


ING: Alcohol, Payment Refused


Boston: Beneficiary Refusal


TSGLI: Denial of Benefits


Farmers: Mistake on Application


Hartford: Misrepresentation Alleged


Reliance Standard: Drug Exclusion


North American: Policy Exclusion


Lincoln National: 9-Month-Delay


Allstate: Alleged Misrepresentation


American Fidelity: Lapsed Supposedly


Monumental Life: Death Weeks After Fall


Minnesota Life: 3-Month-Delay


Hartford Life: Age Incorrect


Ohio National: Missed Payment


Amica: Beneficiary Dispute


Country: Misrepresentation Alleged


Monumental: Misrepresentation Alleged


FEGLI Benefits: Denial


Gerber Life: Slip Fall Prescription Drugs


GTL: Commission of Crime


Thrivent Financial: Error on App


AARP: Exclusion Allegation


State Farm: Misrepresentation Alleged


Jackson National: Late Payment


Lincoln Financial: Inaccurate Info


Globe: Bogus Reason


AAA: No explanation Given


Western Reserve: Application Mistake


Jackson National: Prescription Drug Exclusion


Guarantee Trust Life: Inaccurate Info

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What are the reasons for a life insurance claim denial?

  • Missed payments
  • Lapse
  • Missing information on application
  • Policy exclusion
  • Failing to reinstate
  • Failing to disclose medical visit
  • Failing to convert to individual policy
  • Failing to port life insurance coverage
  • Wrong age on application
  • Inaccurate income listed
  • Inaccurate weight listed
  • Competing beneficiaries
  • Criminal history discovered
  • Change in person's job
  • Fired from person's job
  • Employer didn't forward records
  • Suicide exclusion
  • Self-inflicted injury exclusion
  • Illegal drug exclusion
  • Prescription drug exclusion
  • Use of alcohol exclusion
  • Sickness exclusion
  • Felony exclusion
  • Medical treatment
  • Foreign country fatality

2016 Life Insurance Settlements


a life insurance lawyer?

Has your life insurance claim been denied? Do you have to deal with an unusually lengthy review of your claim? Has your life insurance lapsed due to late payment of the premium? Our skilled attorneys fight hard for our clients' interests to make sure they get the benefits to which you are entitled as fast as possible. If you need help in collecting life insurance benefits,we have the experience to help you win in the battle against large insurance companies. Please contact us for a free legal review of your claim.

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