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What are some types of AD&D claims that life insurance companies like to deny paying out?

  1. Falls from height
  2. Accidental poisoning
  3. Gas leaks or inhalation
  4. Sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack
  5. Accidental shooting or firearm injury
  6. Animal attacks or bites
  7. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  8. Exposure to extreme temperatures
  9. Sports or recreational injuries
  10. Accidental suffocation
  11. Construction or workplace accidents
  12. Accidents during travel, such as plane or train crashes
  13. Accidental drowning while boating or swimming
  14. Accidental falls from ladders, roofs, or other elevated surfaces
  15. Accidents during extreme sports or adventure activities.

How does a lawyer fight a denied AD&D life insurance claim denial?

A lawyer can fight a denied AD&D life insurance claim denial by taking the following steps:

  1. Reviewing the insurance policy and claim denial letter to identify the reasons for the denial.
  2. Investigating the facts of the case to obtain evidence that supports the claim, such as medical records, police reports, or witness statements.
  3. Evaluating the strength of the evidence and determining the best legal arguments to challenge the denial.
  4. Drafting a detailed appeal letter that addresses each reason for the denial and provides evidence to rebut it.
  5. Submitting the appeal letter to the insurance company, along with supporting documents and evidence.
  6. Following up with the insurance company to ensure that the appeal is being processed and to request updates on the status of the claim.
  7. Negotiating with the insurance company to reach a settlement or compromise that is fair and reasonable.
  8. If necessary, filing a lawsuit against the insurance company and representing the client in court.
  9. Presenting evidence and legal arguments to a judge or jury to prove that the claim is valid and that the insurance company wrongfully denied it.
  10. Advocating for the client's rights and interests throughout the entire legal process, including any appeals or further proceedings.

Dallas Texas Denied Life Insurance Claims Recently Resolved

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  • AIG sickness exclusion $210,000.00
  • Connecticut Mutual Life $508,000.00
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