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Fort Smith is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. You need a life insurance lawyer Arkansas!

What is an ERISA life insurance claim?
ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, a federal law that sets minimum standards for employee benefit plans, including life insurance plans offered by employers.

ERISA life insurance claims are claims made by beneficiaries under an employee benefit plan, such as a group life insurance plan or a group accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plan, that is governed by ERISA. These claims are subject to specific procedures and deadlines set forth in ERISA regulations.

ERISA life insurance claims are different from individual life insurance claims that are purchased by an individual outside of an employer-sponsored plan. ERISA life insurance claims are subject to different rules and regulations, including requirements for filing and appealing claims and the types of damages that can be recovered.

Under ERISA, an employer who provides a group life insurance plan is the plan sponsor, and the insurance company that issues the policy is the plan administrator. When a beneficiary makes a claim for benefits under an ERISA-governed plan, the beneficiary typically files a claim with the plan administrator. The plan administrator must review the claim and make a decision within a specific timeframe, typically within 90 days, and inform the beneficiary of its decision in writing.

If the beneficiary's claim is denied, they have the right to appeal the decision within a specific timeframe, typically within 180 days, and the plan administrator must review the appeal and make a final decision. If the beneficiary exhausts all administrative remedies and still does not receive the benefits they believe they are entitled to, they may be able to file a lawsuit in federal court under ERISA.

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  • Ameritas beneficiary dispute $85,000.00
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