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Cheyenne is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy.

How long does an insured have to convert a group life insurance policy, and what is the difference between conversion and portability?
The length of time an insured has to convert a group life insurance policy varies depending on the specific policy, but it is typically within 30 to 60 days after leaving the job or after the group coverage ends. It's important to note that the conversion deadline is usually strict and missing it may result in the loss of the conversion opportunity.

Now, while conversion and portability are similar concepts in that they both allow individuals to maintain their group life insurance coverage after leaving a job, they are not the same thing.

Conversion is the process of converting a group life insurance policy into an individual policy. The insured can select a policy from the insurance company offering the conversion option and generally doesn't have to go through underwriting or answer health-related questions. However, the cost of the individual policy may be higher than the group coverage cost.

Portability, on the other hand, is the ability to maintain the existing group coverage by continuing to pay the premiums. This option usually has a time limit, which is shorter than that of the conversion option, and the premiums may be higher than the group coverage cost. Portability may not be available for all group life insurance policies, and it typically only applies to a specific type of policy, such as term life insurance.

To summarize, the key differences between conversion and portability are that conversion allows the insured to convert group coverage to an individual policy, while portability allows the insured to maintain group coverage by continuing to pay premiums. Conversion usually has a longer time limit and requires the insured to select a new policy, while portability usually has a shorter time limit and involves continuing with the existing group policy.

2023-2024 Cheyenne Wyoming Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Midland denied life claim toxicology $115,000.00
  • Inter American coronavirus denial $53,000.00
  • Reliable nonpayment of premiums claimed $44,000.00
  • Cheyenne Wyoming denied life insurance claim $29,000.00
  • Lincoln Life suicide exclusion claimed $63,000.00
  • Talcott Resolution foreign death claim $102,000.00
  • Confederation Life material misrepresentation $75,000.00
  • American United delay medical records $90,000.00
  • Texas Life dispute between wife and ex-wife $950,000.00
  • Executive Life COVID 19 exclusion $40,000.00
  • Securian beneficiary dispute $108,000.00
  • Unified World competing claimants $44,000.00
  • New England Mutual policy not in force $15,000.00
  • Colonial Life sickness exclusion $55,000.00
  • Brighthouse beneficiary dispute wife $28,000.00
  • VA Life competing beneficiaries spouse vs ex-spouse $401,000.00
  • AFBA denial of life benefits won $96,000.00
  • Unified Life act of war exclusion $51,000.00
  • Catholic Life misrepresentation heart condition $25,000.00
  • American Equity Investment contestable period $11,000.00
  • Occidental life insurance claim rejected $43,000.00
  • ALG Life felony exclusion crime $530,000.00
  • People's Benefit underpayment of claim $56,000.00
  • OM Financial medical condition not disclosed $540,000.00
  • New Era Life chronically sick exclusion $22,000.00
  • Delaware Life pneumonia death denial $39,000.00
  • Physician's Mutual Life lapse nonpayment $63,000.00

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