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2023-2024 Nashville Tennessee Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Zurich Life misrepresentation claim $173,000.00

  • Indiana Farm Bureau interpleader claim $124,000.00
  • Aviva Life prescription drug exclusion $39,000.00
  • Reliance Standard beneficiary dispute $492,000.00
  • Metropolitan Life felony exclusion $200,000.00
  • Physicians Mutual Life dispute $404,000.00
  • Bank of America claim of fraud on application $364,000.00
  • American Equity foreign death won by us $545,000.00
  • FEGLI claim resolved by our firm $420,000.00
  • Birla Sun competing beneficiaries resolved $209,000.00
  • Navy Mutual claimed didn't get beneficiary change form $400,000.00
  • Lincoln Financial claim of health condition not disclosed $308,000.00
  • Berkshire life fraud claim with respect to application $201,500.00

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