Life Insurance Lawyer Manhattan NY

There are thousands of denied life insurance claims in Manhattan each year.

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2023-2024 Manhattan NY Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • New York Life accidental death claim $415,000.00
  • Manhattan Life intoxication exclusion $50,000.00
  • American Equity material misrepresentation $77,000.00
  • Freedom self-inflicted injury exclusion $150,000.00
  • Manhattan life insurance claim $600,000.00
  • Zurich beneficiary dispute granddaughter $800,000.00
  • COVID-19 death Manhattan life claim denied $109,000.00
  • Transamerica interpleader $1,155,000.00

Interpleader Lawyer Manhattan New York

Here is a good example of a beneficiary dispute and interpleader in Manhattan. John Doe, the deceased, held a life insurance policy with XYZ Insurance Co. with a death benefit of $500,000. The policy named his ex-spouse, Jane Doe, as the primary beneficiary. However, after their divorce, John failed to update his policy, and Jane Doe remained listed as the beneficiary. John and Jane had three children together: Sarah, Michael, and Emily.

Dispute: Upon John's passing, all three children contest the beneficiary designation, claiming that they are entitled to a share of the insurance proceeds as per their father's intentions. Jane Doe argues that she was the intended recipient and is entitled to the full benefit.

Interpleader Action: Facing conflicting claims, XYZ Insurance Co. files an interpleader action in court. They deposit the $500,000 death benefit with the court and name all four potential beneficiaries as defendants in the lawsuit. XYZ Insurance Co. asks the court to determine the rightful beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Legal Process: The court reviews the case, considering evidence such as John Doe's intentions, any written communication regarding the policy, financial dependency, and any relevant state laws. Each party presents their arguments and evidence supporting their claim to the insurance proceeds.

Resolution: After careful consideration, the court determines that John Doe failed to update his policy after the divorce, leaving Jane Doe as the named beneficiary. However, the court also recognizes the moral obligation to provide for the children. Therefore, it decides to allocate a portion of the insurance proceeds to Jane Doe and the remaining portion equally among the three children, considering their financial needs and John's probable intent if he had updated the policy post-divorce.