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What illegal drugs are the most prevalent for denied life insurance claims?

The illegal drugs that are most prevalent for denied life insurance claims may vary depending on the insurance company and their specific policies. However, some of the most commonly abused drugs that can lead to a denied life insurance claim include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and synthetic drugs such as bath salts and spice. Other drugs such as prescription opioids, marijuana, and alcohol can also be a basis for denial in certain circumstances, such as if the individual was impaired and engaged in risky behavior that led to their death. It's important to note that each case is evaluated on an individual basis, and drug use alone may not always be enough to result in a denied life insurance claim.

2023-2024 Meridian Idaho Denied Life Insurance Claims Recently Resolved

  • SGLI NAVY dispute beneficiaries $400,000.00
  • Prudential COVID 19 death excluded $103,000.00
  • Meridian Idaho denied life insurance claim $350,000.00
  • National Life Group suicide denial $224,000.00
  • John Hancock denied life insurance claim $23,000.00
  • Alfa Life autoerotic asphyxiation denied claim $290,000.00
  • Meridian Idaho accidental death & dismemberment $500,000.00
  • Horace Mann sickness exclusion $15,000.00
  • Western World Life coronavirus death $27,000.00
  • Jackson National beneficiary dispute $175,000.00
  • SBLI lapse of policy nonpayment $28,000.00
  • Dearborn autoerotic asphyxiation claim $202,000.00
  • UNIFI life insurance claim delay $103,000.00
  • Zander Life insurance misrepresentation $77,000.00
  • State Farm Life denial claim $142,000.00

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