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Virginia Beach is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. If you need a life insurance lawyer Virginia, we are here to help.

Can a life insurance claim be denied due to COPD, and what are all the ways to fight a denied life insurance claim for this reason?
Whether a life insurance claim can be denied due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) depends on the specific terms of the policy. Some life insurance policies may have exclusions for certain pre-existing conditions, including COPD, which may result in a claim denial.

If a life insurance claim is denied due to COPD, there are several ways to fight the denial:

  1. Review the policy: The first step is to review the life insurance policy to determine if the denial is consistent with the policy language. If the policy has a specific exclusion for COPD, the claim may be denied. However, if there is no exclusion, the claim should not be denied on that basis.

  2. Provide additional information: If the claim was denied due to lack of information or medical records, providing additional information or records may help to support the claim. It may be necessary to provide documentation from medical professionals, including physicians and specialists.

  3. Seek an independent medical examination: If the insurance company has denied the claim based on their medical evaluation, it may be necessary to seek an independent medical examination. This may be particularly important if there are conflicting medical opinions about the cause of the insured's death.

  4. Challenge the insurance company's interpretation of the policy: If the insurance company is interpreting the policy language in a way that is inconsistent with the policyholder's intentions, it may be necessary to challenge their interpretation.

  5. File a lawsuit: If all other options have been exhausted, a lawsuit may be necessary to seek the benefits that were denied. A lawyer experienced in life insurance claim denials can help to navigate the legal process and pursue the best possible outcome.

2023-2024 Virginia Beach Virginia Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Navy Mutual interpleader claim $105,000.00
  • FEGLI competing beneficiaries resolved $139,000.00
  • Puritan Life would not pay out as per contract $303,000.00
  • AVMA Life said there was fraud on application $250,000.00
  • Transamerica coronavirus death denial $33,000.00
  • SGLI Navy won't honor the claim $400,000.00
  • American Retirement wouldn't honor foreign death $511,000.00
  • Pacific Life alcohol exclusion high BAC $121,000.00
  • State Farm COVID 19 death denied $62,000.00
  • American Family beneficiary dispute $107,000.00
  • Lumico Life drug exclusion resolved by our lawyers $83,000.00
  • North American Life beneficiary dispute $52,000.00
  • Virginia Beach denied life insurance claim $430,000.00
  • Zurich American refused to pay for many reasons $945,000.00
  • NAVY SGLI wife contested old beneficiary $400,000.00
  • New Era Life foreign death denial resolved $81,000.00
  • Voya Financial Life smoking misrepresentation $104,000.00
  • Garden State Life had multiple excuses not to pay $380,000.00
  • NEA Life contesting a life insurance claim won $25,000.00
  • American Family beneficiary designation dispute $153,000.00
  • Iowa Farm Life material misrepresentation $107,000.00
  • Colonial Penn Life divorce decree dispute $49,000.00
  • American Income Life chronic illness exclusion $29,000.00

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