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Norfolk is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. If you need a life insurance lawyer Virginia, we are here to help.

Why would a life insurance claim be denied for diabetes and/or high blood pressure, and what are the ways a life insurance lawyer would fight the denial?
A life insurance claim may be denied for diabetes and/or high blood pressure if these conditions were not disclosed on the insurance application, or if they were disclosed and the policy had specific exclusions related to these conditions. Additionally, if the cause of death is related to these conditions and they were not disclosed, the claim may be denied due to material misrepresentation.

To fight a denied life insurance claim for diabetes and/or high blood pressure, a life insurance lawyer would typically take the following steps:

  1. Review the policy and application: The lawyer would review the life insurance policy and application to determine if the policyholder provided accurate and complete information about their health. If there were any inaccuracies or omissions, the lawyer would investigate the circumstances surrounding the application process.

  2. Obtain medical records: The lawyer would obtain the insured's medical records to determine the cause of death and whether diabetes and/or high blood pressure played a role. If the cause of death was unrelated to these conditions, the lawyer would argue that the claim should be paid.

  3. Challenge the insurance company's interpretation of the policy: The lawyer would challenge the insurance company's interpretation of the policy if they believe that the insurer is incorrectly applying policy exclusions.

  4. Seek an independent medical examination: If the insurance company has denied the claim based on their medical evaluation, the lawyer may seek an independent medical examination to provide an alternative opinion.

  5. File a lawsuit: If all other options have been exhausted, the lawyer may file a lawsuit to seek the benefits that were denied. The lawyer will use their knowledge of the law and insurance industry to ensure that their client's rights are protected.

2023-2024 Norfolk Virginia Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Federal Employees Life denial $263,000.00
  • Berkshire Life sickness exclusion raised $189,000.00
  • Athene Life contesting the beneficiary $435,000.00
  • Bankers Life interpleader lawsuit $305,000.00
  • Chesapeake Life insurance wouldn't pay out $210,000.00
  • United Home Life sickness exclusion $101,000.00
  • Navy SGLI lost the beneficiary papers $400,000.00
  • Voya Retirement medical records issue $279,000.00
  • Baltimore Life refused to pay out claim $532,000.00
  • Union Farm raised the felony exclusion $123,000.00
  • Gerber Life COVID 19 death denial $88,000.00
  • Farmers beneficiary dispute uncle $117,000.00
  • Norfolk Virginia denied life insurance claim $14,000.00
  • FEGLI wouldn't pay death claim overseas $509,000.00
  • Principal Life misrepresentation on the application $68,000.00
  • Confederation Life coronavirus death denied $13,000.00
  • SGLI Navy issue regarding rightful beneficiary $400,000.00
  • MetLife beneficiary dispute family members $192,000.00
  • AARP denial for heart disease not disclosed $102,500.00
  • EMC National suicide versus poisoning case $161,000.00
  • Pan American terrorism exclusion won $105,000.00

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