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Waterbury is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. When you need a life insurance lawyer Connecticut, contact us today!

Is chronic illness a basis for a denied life insurance claim?

Chronic illness is not typically a basis for a denied life insurance claim. Life insurance policies may have exclusions or limitations for pre-existing conditions, but these typically relate to specific medical conditions rather than a general category like chronic illness. However, if the cause of death is related to a chronic illness and the policy had a waiting period before coverage began or had other restrictions related to pre-existing conditions, the claim may be denied. It's important to review the policy terms and conditions carefully to understand any potential exclusions or limitations.

2023-2024 Waterbury Connecticut Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • The Hartford interpleader settled $303,000.00
  • COVID-19 death not known illness denial $680,000.00
  • American Income Life denied life insurance claim $207,000.00
  • NRA Life chronic illness exclusion rejected $54,000.00
  • Waterbury CT denial of accidental death claim $812,000.00
  • Coronavirus denied as not a risk of policy $77,000.00
  • AVMA Life autoerotic asphyxiation $102,500.00
  • State Farm sickness exclusion $84,000.00
  • Esurance lapsed policy nonpayment $15,000.00
  • Bank of America lapse of policy $46,000.00
  • Americo beneficiary dispute $162,000.00
  • Waterbury CT life insurance claim delay $250,000.00
  • Northwestern Mutual exclusion $39,000.00

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