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Life insurance claims may be denied or disputed for several reasons, which can create significant distress for the beneficiaries. One common reason for denial is misrepresentation or concealment of information during the application process. If the insured individual failed to disclose relevant medical conditions, lifestyle habits, or other pertinent details that could affect their risk profile, the insurance company may reject the claim. For instance, if the insured withheld information about a pre-existing medical condition or engaged in high-risk activities such as skydiving without disclosing it, the insurer may consider the policy void due to non-disclosure.

Another reason for a denied life insurance claim could be the policy lapse due to non-payment of premiums. If the insured failed to pay premiums within the grace period specified by the policy, the coverage may terminate, rendering any subsequent claims invalid. Even a brief lapse in premium payment can jeopardize the validity of the policy, leaving beneficiaries without the intended financial protection. It's crucial for policyholders to stay updated on premium payments and ensure they comply with the terms of the policy to maintain coverage.

Beneficiary disputes can also lead to denied life insurance claims, especially in cases where the policyholder's intentions are unclear or contested. If there are discrepancies between the designated beneficiaries listed on the policy and individuals claiming entitlement to the proceeds, it can result in legal challenges and delays in the distribution of funds. Common scenarios include disputes over changes in beneficiaries, allegations of coercion or undue influence in altering the policy, or challenges to the validity of the policy itself. Resolving beneficiary disputes often requires legal intervention and thorough documentation to establish the rightful recipients of the insurance proceeds, adding complexity and emotional strain to an already challenging situation for the beneficiaries.

2023-2024 Evansville Indiana Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Talcott COVID denial resolved $76,000.00
  • Evansville Indiana life insurance claim denied $38,000.00
  • Lifey coronavirus death benefit lawsuit $43,000.00
  • TIAA plane crash denial $306,000.00
  • Unum interpleader claim $420,000.00
  • Zurich life insurance claim denial $26,000.00
  • Evansville Indiana AD&D claim denial $575,000.00
  • Kemper chronic illness rejection $29,000.00
  • Transamerica accidental death claim $91,000.00
  • Assurant ex-spouse resolved $145,000.00
  • VGLI dispute among beneficiaries $412,900.00
  • Knights of Colombus policy lapse $38,000.00
  • Pacific beneficiary dispute $225,000.00
  • Kansas City insurance claim denied $53,000.00
  • Unified Life autoerotic asphyxiation $55,000.00
  • Army Life lapse of policy rejection $401,000.00
  • JRC life insurance contestable peroid $70,000.00
  • Genworth coronavirus denial of claim $166,000.00

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