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Green Bay is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. If you need a life insurance lawyer Wisconsin, we are here to help.

What are some examples of life insurance claims being denied due to lack of “evidence of insurability” form?
"Evidence of insurability" refers to the documentation that a life insurance company may require from an applicant to evaluate their health and risk factors before issuing a policy. Some examples of life insurance claims being denied due to a lack of evidence of insurability form may include:
  1. The policyholder failed to submit an evidence of insurability form at the time of application, and the insurance company was not aware of any underlying health conditions or risks that would have affected the underwriting decision.

  2. The policyholder submitted an evidence of insurability form that did not disclose all relevant health information or provided false information, which may result in the insurance company denying a claim or rescinding the policy.

  3. The policyholder's health status changed significantly after the policy was issued, and they failed to notify the insurance company or update their evidence of insurability form accordingly. In such a case, the insurance company may deny a claim or reduce the amount of the death benefit paid out.

  4. The policyholder was diagnosed with a medical condition or engaged in a risky activity that was specifically excluded from coverage in the policy, and the insurance company denied the claim based on the exclusion.

  5. The policyholder's death occurred during the contestability period, which is typically the first two years after the policy is issued. If the insurance company discovers that the policyholder failed to disclose relevant health information on the evidence of insurability form during this period, they may deny a claim or rescind the policy.

  6. The policyholder had a pre-existing medical condition that was discovered after they died, and the insurance company found that the condition was not disclosed or misrepresented on the evidence of insurability form.

2023-2024 Green Bay Wisconsin Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Primerica denied life claim intoxication $75,000.00
  • Equitrust competing beneficiaries interpleader $159,000.00
  • Northwestern Mutual coronavirus death $105,400.00
  • LIberty Mutual exclusions denied benefits $60,000.00
  • Permanent Life COVID death claim $50,000.00
  • AIG beneficiary dispute girlfriend $101,000.00
  • Principal Life felony exclusion $95,000.00
  • National Life Group contestable period $12,000.00
  • Scotia Life heart disease denial reason $29,000.00
  • MetLife beneficiary dispute change form $180,000.00
  • Dearborn terrorism exclusion resolved $49,000.00
  • Integrity Life death proceeds not paid $67,000.00
  • Savings Bank Life intoxication exclusion $25,000.00
  • HDFC Life suicide or self-inflicted injury $74,000.00
  • SB Mutual competing beneficiaries $12,000.00
  • First Colony smoking denial resolved $61,000.00

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