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Dover is a great place, and so close to beaches like Rehoboth and Dewey Beach, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. When you need a life insurance lawyer Delaware give us a call.

Is an incorrect social security number a basis for denial of a life insurance claim?

An incorrect social security number may cause delays in processing a life insurance claim, but it is usually not a basis for outright denial of the claim. If the insurance company is unable to locate the policy or determine the identity of the insured based on the information provided, they may ask for additional documentation or investigation to confirm the beneficiary's claim. However, if the incorrect social security number is found to be a deliberate attempt to defraud the insurance company, this may be grounds for denial of the claim.

2023-2024 Dover Delaware Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Fidelity Life interpleader beneficiary change $185,000.00
  • Ameriprise denied life insurance claim $143,000.00
  • Oxford Life age was wrong on application $37,000.00
  • Colonial life felony exclusion shooting $93,000.00
  • AD&D denial in Dover Delaware $32,000.00
  • Berkshire life autoerotic asphyxiation death $209,000.00
  • Christian Fidelity coronavirus exclusion $77,000.00
  • Occidental heroin death denial we won $90,000.00
  • Globe rejected beneficiary dispute $102,000.00
  • AXA delayed life insurance claim $66,000.00
  • Protective Life denial COVID-19 death $13,000.00
  • Dover Delaware denied life insurance claim $85,000.00
  • Physician's Mutual missed payment lapse of policy $6,000.00

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