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Colorado is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. When you need a life insurance lawyer Colorado, contact us today!

Is it possible to contest a denied life insurance claim due to misrepresentation on the application?
Yes, it may be possible to contest a denied life insurance claim due to misrepresentation on the application. If the insurance company can prove that the policyholder made a material misrepresentation on the application, and that the misrepresentation was made with intent to deceive, the insurance company may be able to deny the claim. However, if the misrepresentation was unintentional or not material to the issuance of the policy, it may be possible to contest the denial.

If a life insurance claim is denied due to misrepresentation on the application, it is important to review the policy and the application carefully to determine the nature of the alleged misrepresentation. It may be helpful to seek legal advice from an attorney who specializes in life insurance claims to determine the best course of action for disputing the denial.

2023-2024 Colorado Springs Colorado Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Nationwide presription drug exclusion $109,500.00
  • Ohio National interpleader lawsuit $75,000.00
  • Columbian Mutual intoxication exclusion $90,000.00
  • Talcott Resolution COVID-19 death $54,000.00
  • Colorado Springs denied life insurance claim $38,000.00
  • Primerica denied life insurance claim $151,600.00
  • Senior Life coronavirus death denied $49,000.00
  • US Financial Life autoerotic asphyxiation $75,000.00
  • Colonial Penn alcohol exclusion $124,000.00
  • Liberty National beneficiary dispute $72,000.00
  • AD&D denied claim Colorado Springs $21,000.00
  • Fidelity drug exclusion resolved $99,300.00
  • Chubb chronic illness exclusion $12,000.00
  • North American Life felony exclusion $70,000.00
  • Country Financial act of war exclusion $10,000.00

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