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Mesa is a great place, however, what is not so great is the high volume of denied life insurance claims here. Our life insurance lawyers will fight the insurance companies to get you the full value of your policy. You need a life insurance lawyer Arizona!

Can a life insurance claim be denied due to lapse?
Yes, a life insurance claim can be denied due to lapse of the policy. If the policyholder fails to pay the premiums on time, the policy may lapse, meaning the coverage under the policy is no longer in force. If the policy is not in force at the time of the insured's death, the insurance company may deny the claim.

Insurance companies typically have a grace period of 30 to 60 days after the premium due date during which the policy remains in force even if the premium is not paid. If the premium is not paid during the grace period, the policy will lapse and the coverage will terminate.

Some life insurance policies have a provision called "automatic premium loan" that allows the insurance company to pay the premium using the cash value of the policy. If the policy has enough cash value to cover the premium, the policy will not lapse. However, if the policy does not have enough cash value to cover the premium and the automatic premium loan is not activated, the policy may still lapse.

It is important for policyholders to pay their premiums on time to ensure that their life insurance policy remains in force and the death benefit is paid to their beneficiaries in the event of their death. If a policy has lapsed, it may be possible to reinstate the policy by paying the back premiums and satisfying any other conditions set forth by the insurance company. However, the insurance company may require additional underwriting or a new medical exam before reinstating the policy.

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  • FEGLI claim denied health issue $128,000.00
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