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Life insurance claims may be denied for various reasons, but three common ones include misrepresentation on the application, failure to disclose medical history accurately, and death due to excluded causes. Firstly, misrepresentation occurs when the policyholder provides false information or withholds relevant details during the application process. This can range from omitting medical conditions to exaggerating income or lifestyle habits. Insurers rely heavily on the accuracy of this information to assess risk and determine premiums. If it's discovered that the insured misrepresented facts, especially those directly impacting the risk assessment, the claim may be denied. For instance, if someone failed to disclose a smoking habit and later dies from smoking-related illness, the insurer could deny the claim.

Secondly, failure to disclose medical history accurately is another common reason for claim denial. When applying for life insurance, applicants are typically required to provide detailed information about their health history, including past illnesses, surgeries, medications, and treatments. If the insured fails to disclose relevant medical information or provides misleading details, it can lead to claim denial if the undisclosed condition is deemed to have contributed to the insured's death. For example, if someone had a history of heart disease but did not disclose it on the application and later died of a heart attack, the insurer might deny the claim upon discovering the undisclosed condition.

Lastly, death due to excluded causes can result in claim denial. Life insurance policies often have exclusions for certain causes of death, such as suicide within a specified time frame after policy issuance, death resulting from illegal activities, or death in war zones. If the insured's death falls under one of these excluded categories, the insurer is within its rights to deny the claim. It's crucial for policyholders to thoroughly understand their policy's terms and exclusions to avoid surprises when it comes time to make a claim. Overall, honesty and transparency during the application process, along with a clear understanding of policy terms, can help mitigate the risk of claim denial.

2023-2024 Raleigh NC Denied Life Insurance Claims Resolved

  • Unum mispresentation claim $625,000.00
  • Ohio Nation two exclusions $340,000.00
  • Lincoln National suicide exclusion $270,000.00
  • Raleigh life insurance claim $500,000.00
  • Veterans life claim dispute $400,000.00
  • FEGLI beneficiary dispute $300,000.00
  • TIAA interpleader claim $159,000.00
  • LIcoln Heritage life dispute $600,000.00

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